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Breinton is a rural parish west of Hereford. It is home to approximately 850 people. With this website, we aim to provide all the information you need to know about Breinton, the area and activities happening there. In addition to the reports and information on parish council business, there are sections about Breinton’s history, nature and things to do. We hope you enjoy exploring our parish.

**Tree Planting Plan**

The parish council are partaking in a scheme to plant numerous trees around Breinton to help combat climate emergency and as a tribute to the late Gillian Bulmer.

Currently we are seeking suitable locations which would benefit from the tree planting. Any suggestions on possible sites are all welcome and can be made via clerk@breintonparish.co.uk.

Council Business

Neighbourhood Plan consultation Events

Face to face meetings are resuming in Breinton village hall which are open to the public.

Facemasks MUST be worn and social distancing MUST be maintained at all times.

Breinton Parish Council holds nine meetings throughout the year and welcomes the Breinton public to attend .

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Roads and Planning

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Bypass update


About Breinton

Waxcaps in a long-established ungrazed meadow (N. Geeson)

Learn more the historic and environmentally special parish of Breinton. Much of the information has been collected over the past decade and it forms part of the evidence base for the Neighbourhood Plan. More is being discovered every month by local volunteers and a history group has recently been created to provide a focus for local research.

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Useful Information

The River Wye has cut through Devonian Raglan mudstones to form a steep-side gorge by Breinton Springs (N. Geeson)

Key contact details of organisations in Breinton, things to do, including local walks and other useful information.

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