Planning decisions in Herefordshire are made on the basis of three sets of policies and any guidelines linked to them. The three documents that make up this framework are:

  • The National Planning Policy Framework (NPPF) produced by the Government and which applies nationwide
  • Herefordshire Council’s own Core Strategy – also known as the Local Plan – which provides strategic policies applicable across the whole county. This applies to 2031 but will be reviewed before then. You can access the Core Strategy via the link below


Herefordshire Council’s Core Strategy – adopted October 2015

  • and Breinton’s own Neighbourhood Development Plan (NDP) – which was produced by local volunteers and adopted by Herefordshire Council in December 2016. The NDP provides Breinton specific policies and much more local detail than the countywide Core Strategy ever could. The Neighbourhood Development Plan has to conform, by law, to both the NPPF and the Core Strategy. This conformity was confirmed by an Independent Examiner. This Plan also runs to 2031 but the Parish Council intend to review it before then, probably in line with any reviews of the Core Strategy by Herefordshire Council


All the details about the NDP and how it was produced over a period of two years can be found under the Neighbourhood Plan menu which you will see at the top of this website